Friday, November 14, 2008

Squarepusher - Planet Gear

Squarepusher - Planet Gear

Director: Squarepusher

I really like Squarepusher, and I really like overblown video concepts...

"The overall concept of this video revolves around images of imaginary astronomical phenomena. I selected a method which I anticipated would be appropriate to the construction of 'scaleless' objects, such that one could imagine them occupying planetary sized volumes of space..."

The main part of the project was then to investigate ways in which the functions could be sonically modulated such that the visual modifications began to approximate my imaginary astronomical inspiration, and of course also began to tie in to the accompanying musical content. This is for me where it gets really interesting as it is where one can begin to explore the staggering range of possible connections between the visual and aural spheres."

But dude, it looks like a screen saver. (I still like it though)

Full explanation here:

Squarepusher - Planet Gear from Warp Records on Vimeo.

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